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Turning Prospects into Clients

How to turn your prospects into clients?

Ah, yes…the old Marketing challenge of converting prospects into clients. Getting top-notch prospects is hard – turning them into clients is infinitely harder. So, how do you get a higher success rate?

This is why we created the Imaging Excellence 2.0 Video Brochure. It is the most effective marketing communications tool you may have ever seen. It’s the ideal combination of the “hold-it-in-your-hands” benefit of printing, combined with the communication effectiveness of video.

Inbox Fatigue

If you are in Marketing or Sales, you know the satisfaction of having a customer initiate contact by visiting your site, watching your campaign, signing up for your newsletter list, or clicking on a link to a YouTube video. However, as you also know, it’s not that easy. But why not?

Let’s put ourselves in the prospect’s shoes for a moment. How often have you received an email with an invitation or a link, and you said “I’ll come back to this…” or “I’ll watch that tonight when I have more time”? But “tonight” never comes, right?

Look, you can send links to your prospects all day, every day, but for the most part, they won’t click. Click this, click that, click here, click there…they’re clicked out. Prospects have had it up to here with email links. There is Inbox Fatigue.

Scott Brockie

Scott Brockie

Imaging Excellence 2.0

Еven when your message has managed to actually reach your prospect’s inbox, we then come to the psychological barrier of people who are flooded with new messages and links on a daily basis, and who are likely to completely ignore your message or link. And then there’s the trust issue problem that has to be overcome – “who are you, sending me an e-mail; I don’t even know you?

There are few sales endeavors with a lower success rate than the cold call.

People buy from people they trust

The reality is that people buy from people they trust!

If your organization has marketing and sales representatives, when your prospect doesn’t know them personally, there is no initial trust and no engagement. Here is the solution – You need a printed Video Brochure that shows multiple videos, tells multiple stories, shows testimonials, and builds trust!

The first video can be an introduction to your company – commenting on your values, your mission, and the services/products you provide. In the next video, your representatives can introduce themselves, say why they can be trusted and how they will bring value to the potential client. Then, add a video from a client with a testimonial, which does even more in terms of building trust and credibility.

This is extremely helpful when your representative calls the prospect after they’ve received the Video Brochure – they will have a far better chance of connecting because the prospect feels that they already know your representative through the video and can trust this person!

If you have prospects that you feel have the potential to become clients, expand your business or help your organization grow, have one of our Video Brochures show up on their desk or in their real-life physical mailbox. The moment they open the Video Brochure (and they’ll open it) your message starts playing. Your representatives will follow up with what will prove to be a very warm follow-up call. 

If your business is designing, engineering, or building things, environments, homes, etc., try sending out a quarterly ‘The Best Of’ Video Brochure highlighting your most impressive projects and success stories. Mail our Brochure with a built-in video screen to every top prospect on your list and it will help reinforce that you are the experts they need. They’ll be looking forward to the next one coming in, and they may be the one calling you! 

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The “80/20 Rule” still applies in most organizations today, where 80% of the sales or revenue comes from 20% of the clients. Leverage our Video Brochures’ potential to find that next 20% of the clients who could be the Rainmakers or Home Run accounts for your organization. Identify them, make your list, then send them a Video Brochure regularly with case studies and testimonials showcasing how great your organization is. This will have a far greater effect than the “let’s-hope-something-happens” approach that you may be taking now.

Do Video Brochures cost more than a typical direct mail piece? – sure they do. But, since when has the marketing equation only been about the cost? Surely the real issue is the return that’s generated. If you have prospects that you really want to reach – this is the way to do it.

Scott Brockie

Scott Brockie

Imaging Excellence 2.0

Isn’t it about time that your company sent out a highly impactful marketing tool that gets your message in front of your top prospects in an extremely engaging and memorable way?Looking for a marketing solution that best showcases your brand and makes you stand out from the competition? Our Video Brochures do that. All the marketing buzz-words – ‘stand out’, ‘break through’, ‘get noticed’ – it all happens with our Video Brochures.Call us or send us a message to discuss how we can help you – because with the Imaging Excellence 2.0 Video Brochure… Now you’re talking!