Video Brochures

Video Brochures

Why Video Brochures?

Turn Prospects into Clients with our Video Brochures!

Think of what could happen if your best prospects – those people who would really make a difference to your organization – actually knew that you even exist, and knew exactly how they would benefit from partnering with you.

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That is the story that you can tell them with our Video Brochures – targeted uniquely to each individual prospect if you choose to do so.

All the marketing buzzwords – “Breaking through”, “Getting noticed”, “Standing out from the crowd” – they are all accomplished by our Video Brochures. With the Imaging Excellence 2.0 video brochure, now you’re talking!

Our Video Brochures are the perfect combination of a physical brochure with a digital video – all in your prospect’s hand! They can be 100% targeted to the prospect you’re trying to reach – so they’ll remember you and your organization when you follow up with them.

Print with Video

Our Video brochures represent a Print with Video integrated product. Research shows that as many as seven additional people will open and watch your Video Brochure – that sure doesn’t happen with an email blast.

Retail Video Displays

The impact of a video in a retail environment! Our in-store Video Displays are built with a continuous video loop, volume control, and a power adaptor, so the user never has to recharge the battery.

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Turn Prospects into Clients with our Video Brochures!