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How do you get Prospects to trust you in the post-Covid era?

The Covid pandemic will remain in our memory for a long time. This unprecedented event has left a lasting mark on the world economy, which saw the biggest recession and the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

All this contributes to almost every company feeling a financial blow to their business development plans and sales efforts, which have had to dramatically slow down  or even completely stop. The Covid pandemic may be slowly fading away, but the full financial recovery is not expected to happen any time soon.

Promoting a new product or service to prospects or investors has suffered significant setbacks, too. Marketing efforts that are best accomplished in person have been delayed indefinitely. The lack of direct contact between people, both in private and in the business world, has contributed to the creation of a mental barrier that indirectly creates a lack of trust between people; many of us today do not want to meet others unnecessarily, we just want to be safe and keep our distance. All of which casts doubt on the possibility of presenting new products or services face-to-face.

All business owners, decision-makers, and buyers are much more cautious now than ever before in deciding to invest in a new product or service. So, how to get their attention and gain their trust? Can you relate to this problem? If so, we have the answer you’re looking for – our Video Brochures can almost make it seem like you’re in your prospect’s office personally!

This post-pandemic era can be difficult for prospects to notice you, but our Video Brochures can accomplish exactly that!

Why Video Brochures?

Well…because they are the ideal solution to the aforementioned problems. By sending a Brochure with a built-in video screen, in advance of your call, you will be able to tell your business story or make your new product/service sales pitch directly to your prospect, even without your personal presence!

A prime example in the B2B sector is the sales process of having sales representatives do product presentations in the prospect’s office. This form of direct marketing was a very common practice for various companies before Covid, as a personal sales presentation increased the visibility of the product they were selling – the product was presented directly and personally, with all its strengths and advantages being demonstrated in front of the potential buyers. It was an effective and successful strategy that brought the product and the brand right to the prospect; Covid, however, has almost completely stopped this practice. 

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Our Video Brochures are a brilliant solution to these problems. By sending out one of our Video Brochures, you can get your message into the hands of those prospects who can be Rainmakers for your organization! Without any fear of social-distancing, from the comfort of their office chairs or even from their homes, these decision-makers can now see your product and hear your pitch in a revolutionary and efficient way! The moment they open the Video Brochure, your video starts playing and starts the process of transforming this prospect into a customer. There is no better solution to direct B2B marketing than this.

Do Video Brochures cost more than a typical direct mail piece? – sure they do. But, since when has the marketing equation only been about the cost? Surely the real issue is the return that’s generated. If you have prospects that you really want to reach – this is the way to do it.

Scott Brockie

Scott Brockie

Imaging Excellence 2.0

The marketing possibilities are endless – real estate, construction, fund-raisingeducationwealth management, bankshotelshigh-end automotive, new product launcheslegal services, insurance, events, weddings, and trade shows, just to name a few.

The advantages of Video Brochures

  • The most significant advantage of our Video Brochures is that they help gain the trust of the prospects in these difficult times.
  • A Video Brochure gives you an opportunity to talk directly with your prospect’s decision-makers without the need for your physical presence.
  • Your video message plays immediately after opening the brochure, and is viewed on a high-quality video screen with built-in speakers.
  • The brochures can have several buttons for the user to move through multiple videos (if more than one), with the ability to start/stop the video and adjust the volume.
  • Our product stands out amidst hundreds of marketing tools, giving it an exceptional, unmatched impact.
  • Your prospects can view your Video Brochure at a time that is most convenient for them, and they can watch the content again and again.
  • The Video Brochure presentation leaves a lasting impression and helps build crucially needed trust.

The next steps?

If you are excited about this opportunity and want to try out the usefulness of this technology to see how it can help your business, then the next step is to contact us through our contact page or if you want call us now and we will start working with you immediately to start your new sales process!

We are sure that our Video Brochures will help to promote your product or service and will deliver your marketing message in a fabulously unique and powerful way.