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video brochures

The most effective marketing communications tools you’ve ever seen.

why video brochures?

a printed brochure with a built-in video screen

Our Video Brochures are the perfect combination of a physical brochure with a digital video – all in your prospect’s hand! The ideal combination of the “hold-it-in-your-hands” benefit of printing with the communications effectiveness of video.

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    main features

    Interested in getting your message in front of your top prospects in an engaging and memorable way? There are so many benefits to using video brochures. To name a few...

    distinctive marketing approach

    elegant and long-lasting product

    leverages the power
    of video


    Turn Prospects into Clients
    with our Video Brochures!

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    Turn Prospects into Clients with our Video Brochures!

    Think of what could happen if your best prospects – those people who would really make a difference to your organization – actually knew that you even exist, and knew exactly how they would benefit from partnering with you.

    Because people buy from people they trust. When your prospect doesn’t know your marketing and sales representatives personally, there is no initial trust and no engagement. Here is the solution – You need a printed Video Brochure that shows multiple videos, tells multiple stories, shows testimonials, and builds trust!
    Well, they are not expensive compared to taking key prospects to dinner, but yes, they certainly cost more than simple printed brochures… but a better question would be: since when has the marketing equation simply been about the cost? Read more here.

    If interested to order please call us at 416-599-2695 or use the contact form on the Contact Page to make your order.

    Yes, of course. Thank you for your interest in our product. You can order your FREE sample here.

    Video Brochure Products

    Imagine the potential if 100% of your top prospects actually watched your highly-targeted marketing messages. 100% of your prospects will open the Video Brochure, and as soon as they do, your message starts playing.

    Video Brochures

    A brochure with a built-in video screen

    Video in print


    Case Studies

    Some of the latest success stories and case studies about how video brochures help real businesses

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