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Imagine the potential if 100% of your top prospects actually watched your highly-targeted marketing messages. 100% of your prospects will open the Video Brochure, and as soon as they do, your message starts playing.

Video Brochure Products

Video Brochures

Our Video Brochures are the perfect combination of a physical brochure with a digital video – all in your prospect’s hand!

A Brochure with a built-in Video Screen

People don’t make repeat purchases of products that don’t do what they were supposed to do.

Print with Video

A print with video, or video brochure, is a modern and unique marketing tool that is used by the smart marketers and business owners to reach to their potential buyers…

Video in Print

Video in Print is a unique advertising and marketing tool – an innovative blend of printing technology, video displays, touch sensors, and software development that has transformed the marketing world.