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How much do Video Brochures cost?

In the past few years this powerful, interactive, marketing medium has been proven to be a game-changer for companies and organizations from all industries to successfully communicate brand messages to their respective audiences in the most impressive and effective way. Yes, there are cheaper marketing tools, but we would argue there are few ways more effective than our Video Brochures.

Companies have found video brochures to be very useful in sectors ranging from manufacturing to sales, in real estate, recruiting, fundraising, trade shows, product promos, healthcare, entertainment, event management, banking as well as many other business segments where getting the attention of your audience by using a unique approach is of crucial importance.

Our Video Brochures leverage the power of the video medium, combined with the benefits of high-end printing, giving the brands a flexible and creative way to communicate their business proposition to their prospects. For more info about our Video Brochures feel free to browse our Product Gallery. 

However, their usefulness and benefits can be easily overlooked, simply because most executives, managers, or small business owners think that the cost of having them in their marketing arsenal is too high.

A question that is often asked about our Video Brochures is “Are they expensive?” Well, they are not expensive compared to taking key prospects to dinner, but yes, they certainly cost more than simple printed brochures…but a better question would be: since when has the marketing equation simply been about the cost?

Scott Brockie

Scott Brockie

Imaging Excellence 2.0

You see, here’s what’s expensive…what’s expensive is the amount of money you’re spending now that is largely wasted trying to get new clients.

What is really expensive is the current cost of your shotgun marketing approach that hopes to somehow hit the right prospect, but rarely does.

What’s enormously expensive is the $200 / $300 / $400 a day that you are paying the sales reps and business development people who are desperately wishing that somebody would please answer their phone call or message.

And, worst of all…what’s dreadfully expensive is that you have prospects on your lists who, if they were turned into clients, would be Rainmakers for your organization – yet the vast majority of them will never read, never get, and never even see your marketing message in their entire lifetime.

Compared to this, our Video Brochures are downright inexpensive. If you want to continue wasting your sales and marketing dollars hoping your prospects will respond, go right ahead…but if you feel that it’s time you used a tool that would actually reach the prospects that are worth reaching, this is the way…the Imaging Excellence 2.0 Video Brochure – it turns prospects into clients.

Our Video Brochure prices can range from $20 to $200 and are depending on a number of factors, such as: 

  • different sizes of the brochure, 
  • with various screen sizes, 
  • having multiple play/pause and volume buttons, 
  • soft-cover vs. hard-cover, and 
  • optional finishes – gloss, matte, soft-touch.

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All these options factor into the pricing. 
It is also very important to point out that your video content can be easily changed/updated, which makes the video brochures reusable.

Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss the Video Brochure that will work best for your organization.

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