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Video in Print

What is “Video in Print”?

Video in Print is a unique advertising and marketing tool – an innovative blend of printing technology, video displays, touch sensors, and software development that has transformed the marketing world. It combines traditional marketing methods with modern video technology to create the most effective tool, bringing your brand closer to your prospects in a unique way.

Video in Print technology allows you to integrate high-quality video screens into any format of print media like brochures, business cards, product packaging, promo boxes, gift boxes, etc. It also allows you to apply cutting-edge graphics and design to engage your prospects in a way that no current medium does.

A prospect can watch your brand’s video message at their own convenience, in any place, and at any time – simply by turning a page of the video brochure, opening the product packaging, or lifting the lid of the gift box, without the need for internet, wifi, or even electricity.

This marketing method where video meets print media was first used in 2009 in the September issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. The magazine subscribers from New York and Los Angeles were the first to be able to see CBS Network’s two video ads for the CBS’s Big Bang Theory series. Since then, Video in Print as a new marketing tool started to be used by businesses from all industries and sizes in an effort to reach new levels of engagement, and ultimately, gain more clients.

How can Video in Print help your marketing?

In the digital era, every business owner understands the importance of being one step ahead of the competition. This is why our Video in Print is a key ingredient in your path to success. Not only will it allow your brand to showcase your products, services, and your unique selling features, but it will also let your audience have a better understanding of what benefits your business can bring.

When it comes to the formats in which this new, advanced technology is applied, the most successful use of Video in Print is unquestionably our Video Brochures. Here at Imaging Excellence 2.0, our Video Brochures use high-quality video displays with an ongoing video loop, built-in speakers, volume buttons, play/pause buttons for the video, interchangeable videos, and additional buttons to help the user move through various videos – all with a rechargeable battery.

When your prospect opens the Video Brochure and your brand’s message starts playing instantly, you get the chance to virtually talk to your prospect without being physically present, helping you significantly increase your chances of creating meaningful connections and leaving a lasting impact on your potential customer. This initial connection will build trust, which will dramatically help when you make your follow-up call, turning the cold-call to a very warm call.

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