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What is a “Video-in-Brochure”?

What is a “video-in-brochure”?

What would happen if we could combine the power of video, with the versatility and physical presence of the printed brochure?

Over the past fifty years, printed brochures have proven to be an effective tool that has significantly improved the performance of marketing departments in almost every global company, and taken business opportunities to a higher level. But in the last few years in the digital world, especially on social networks, another marketing tool has risen in popularity, and that is… you’ve guessed it right, the video!

The video has a direct and captivating visual effect on any target audience that helps deliver the brand’s message in a powerful way, creating a positive impact on the video’s viewers – the business decision-makers. Video helps companies increase their prospects’ understanding of their products and services, and becomes the perfect way to build a close connection with the audience and earn their valued trust.

Both these tools – videos and printed brochures – bring great benefits to marketing and advertising, enabling the companies to reach their audience and tell their brand/product story in the most unique and creative way. So what would happen if we combine the two – the power of video and the versatility and physical presence of the printed brochure?!

By combining these two powerful tools in one – the Imaging Excellence 2.0 Video Brochure – we have created a new multidimensional medium that is the pinnacle of marketing, and possibly the most effective communications tool you’ve ever seen. We have embedded a video screen into a custom-printed brochure and have produced a top-quality tool that can deliver your company’s message to potential prospects in the most compelling way.

It is the ideal combination of the hold-it-in-your-hands benefit of printing with the communication effectiveness of video!

Our video brochures have built-in buttons for control of the video with play/pause functions, as well as adjusting the volume to the user’s preference. This unique marketing tool brings your brand’s video message directly to your client’s hands, to be watched over and over again, then passed to others who are interested.

As a relatively new marketing medium, video brochures help businesses stand out from the competition and break through the advertisement jungle to bring your message to your target audience. This is why business owners, marketing executives, and advertising agencies from all industries love our video brochures, bringing their businesses greater engagement and results.

It is the ideal combination of the hold-it-in-your-hands benefit of printing with the communication effectiveness of video!

Scott Brockie

Scott Brockie

Imaging Excellence 2.0

Why Video-in-Brochure?

  • It’s an innovative marketing method Delight your prospects with a unique and innovative product that combines video with a printed and elegantly finished brochure. Your message will stand out from the hundreds of others they receive in their inboxes on a daily basis.
  • Leverage the power of video Leverage the full power of the video as being the best medium to visually present yourself, your team, your products, your business offering, special announcements, annual reports, or whatever you need to show to your prospects’ decision makers.
  • Video brochures don’t get into Spam folders Don’t let your marketing efforts be thrown into spam folders by email filters. Video Brochures never end up there – they get delivered to the right person and they are always opened!
  • Long-lasting value Video brochures bring more than a simple marketing message. They are never deleted, as marketing emails usually are. They are kept by your prospects and are there to remind the prospect about your brand, long after the initial introduction.
  • Establish an initial connection and trust By presenting your or your team member’s face and voice, the prospects already feel like they know you, so the next time you or your sales team calls, they will feel like there is a connection and an initial, very crucial, level of trust between you.

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