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How this Video Brochure sold out the event

There’s no question that selling is a difficult task in a time when we are bombarded with a massive, non-stop barrage of marketing messages. So, how do you break through to your key prospects – the ones who can be Rainmakers and really make a difference for your organization?

One client used our Video Brochures as a personalized invitation to their highly-targeted Industry Discussion Round-table Dinner Event, where they invited 50 key prospects to come and discuss their perspective on the industry and our client’s thoughts and approach to it. 

They used a Video Brochure with 2 videos. The first video, which played as soon as the prospect opened the Video Brochure was a personalized video greeting the prospect, explaining the event, and inviting them to it.

The second video was common to all the Video Brochures – a 30-second promo video highlighting the client’s business and strengths.

The Video Brochures were delivered in high-gloss bubble-wrap envelopes in our client’s corporate colour – the envelopes were compelling, intriguing, and begged to be opened. 

So, did their key prospects respond? Did the Video Brochures work?

They certainly did – the event was completely sold out!

The next steps?

If you are excited about this opportunity and want to try out the usefulness of this technology to see how it can help your business, then the next step is to contact us through our contact page or if you want call us now and we will start working with you immediately to start your new sales process!

We are sure that our Video Brochures will help to promote your product or service and will deliver your marketing message in a fabulously unique and powerful way.

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What’s enormously expensive is the $200, $300, $400 per day that you are paying the sales reps and business development people who are desperately wishing that somebody would please answer their phone call or please respond to their message. And worst of all, what’s dreadfully expensive is that you have prospects on your list who, if they could be turned into clients, would be Rainmakers for your organization – yet the vast majority of them will never read, never get, never even see your marketing message in their entire lifetime!

Scott Brockie

Scott Brockie

Imaging Excellence 2.0